It’s easy to be Happy at the Workplace

Updated: Jan 23, 2019 UTC
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We read so much about Google as an employer where the employees get free food; the engineers are allowed to spend 20% of their time to do their own projects other than official ones, and many more facilities where they get an atmosphere of openness and fun. There are many more Fortune 100 employers who are giving great employee benefits and the best culture to work in. However, they also pay them some perks that make them work for long hours in the office destroying their work-life balance. Hence, even the best employer may not be fit for every employee.

If you really want to remain happy at work, you should find on your own and here are the best ways to find happiness.

Make happiness your first choice. You can argue with me over this but happiness surely comes with choice. You need to choose to be happy in your workplace, no matter what. For this, start with the simplest step, always think positive about the work you are doing and avoid any negative thoughts or gossip.

Do what you love every day. Find out what makes you happy and this can be related to work or not. Then make it a habit to do that thing every day without fail. Look at yourself, your hobbies, your skills or interests, and try to find something that you really enjoy doing and can do every day at least once.

You are the one to promote and develop yourself. You don’t need to wait for your managers or leaders to come to rescue you or to develop the skills you need to grow in your career. Take charge of your own development into your own hands and start working on it. There can’t be anyone better than you to know the area of improvement and the strengths you want to develop further.

Know your surroundings. It is not related to the physical things and area present around you. You should keep your eyes and ears open to know what is happening around you, within your team, and the management. It becomes easy to understand things told to you if you know a little background of the story.

Keep taking feedback. Yes, even if the managers are not asking themselves to sit with you to give you feedback, ask them for the same. It will give you an idea of their thoughts about your working style. In case you get positive feedback from the managers, it will automatically make you happy at work. Even if the feedback is negative, you will get an idea about the areas of improvements.

Commit only what is possible for you. It is common that we commit as per the demands of the management and end up getting into stress while failing to achieve the same. So, it is always better to commit only to the extent that you think is achievable.

Avoid Negativity. In the corporate world, you can find negativity in every corner. There must be some employees in each and every department who have negative thinking and are capable of polluting other’s thoughts. The best way is to avoid negativity and concentrate on your positive thoughts, positive energy and bigger dreams.

A habit of Accomplishment. Make a habit of accomplishment of your mission and for that even if you need to conflict with your managers, there shouldn’t be any problem. Don’t run from getting into conflict to prove your point. If you have the logic and its good for business objectives, they will understand and appreciate it.

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Make friends. The place where you are spending more than nine hours of your productivity, you must have some friends to talk to and share your ideas, concerns, and happiness. Be extrovert and talk to people, know them more, find something to learn from them and try to remain happy at work.

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