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Employee commitment and cheerfulness are for sure one of the topics for modern management and the future of work. Employee understanding is all about providing employees with an environment where they want to come to work, a place where they can feel energized to get their best job done. Again, there is no shortcut to anything. Without a doubt, we can say that a motivated and energized employee translates directly into a better bottom line. Employees always want to work for an organization where they feel respected and where they can feel good about their contributions.

The truth is that you really can’t make people care. But for sure, you can make an effort to provide them with an environment or such elements that help them appreciate their work.

Recognition and Appreciation: One thing that majority employees say that appreciation is something they crave more from their managers. Salary and raise are also important but regular appreciation and recognition in front of the team makes a lot of difference and makes them feel motivated.

Flexible Schedule:  Having flexible work timings are one of the best ways to ensure employees are able to sustain good work/life balance. Employees appreciate work from home option to complete tasks which they are not able to complete at the office or employees with old parents and kids require a bit of flexibility at times.

Leadership: Effective management always starts at the top and poor leaders demotivate even the best employees of the Organisation. This not only refers to the top positions but an employee’s immediate supervisor as well. Wilson rightly said, “Employees quit managers, not companies”. Employees want themselves to be treated fairly. While almost everyone realizes that life isn't fair, employees do not want their boss to make it more difficult for them. Everybody hates favoritism.  They expect the perks and promotions to go to the people who work hard and are loyal to their work.

Culture: Organization’s culture and values matter a lot to employees. “People are looking for a healthy culture with values that are aligned to their own,” says Clark. Culture is what you can contribute to building that exists in organizations and can exit in organizations if you do not address deviant acts of thoughtless acts.

Opportunity to Grow: Employees these days prefer to grow at the place where they work beyond the role they were hired for. People feel important when they feel that the company is taking interest in their growth. For them, it’s a kind of investment that a company makes for them.

When employees are happy, they will not only have increased productivity, but it will also lead to better interactions with the clients. When employees enjoy their work environment, they tend to be more engaged and have better communication with their colleagues than in an uptight workplace. When one thrives, the other does too, and the positive cycle keeps going. Encourage discussions that change employee's life circumstances, define their career goals, times of promotion, and/or significant change in role.

For designing a purpose-driven workforce employers will have to be more innovative, more impact, and financially competitive and step out of the comfort zone. When it comes down to it, the key to providing your employees with the benefits they value most is to understand what matters to them. Thus, it is really very important to hear your employee and understand what he requires because this will help him stay in your organization for a long and his results will be better as well.

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Sunder Singh
Sunder Singh 7 months ago

nice... healthy and positive engagement of management with grass root level staff..

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