Beginner HR Tips: 5 Ways to Improve Staff Performance

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Each leader dreams that his subordinates work efficiently. To improve the quality and efficiency of work, a lot of methods are used, starting with motivation, ending with an individual approach to an employee. Often, to increase productivity, there is no need to look for a needle in a haystack. It is enough to pay attention to a few points. Ahutosh Rawat, the creator of the Employee Insights service, shares his secrets of improving staff performance.

Improving Working Conditions

Create comfortable working conditions: organize convenient workplaces, pleasant surrounding atmosphere. For example, Google has a creative approach to office design. The concept of a new office in India is based on the cultural heritage of our country. On its territory, you can find a meeting room, created based on the work of the Twelve Chairs, or a play area in the form of a hut.

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Psychological comfort is also important. The absence of conflicts and intrigue allows employees to focus exclusively on work, without being distracted by strife and bad mood. A well-knit team is an emotionally stable team. Carefully monitor the mood inside him, apply the methods of assessing moods in relation to colleagues and management. Conduct pieces of training and corporate events aimed at uniting employees, organized interest groups. 

It is important to remember the individual approach to employees. Perhaps someone would prefer a flexible schedule. If your employees are creative and dynamic people, and the nature of the work does not depend on the time of day, try to create working conditions acceptable to everyone.


Motivate your employees financially. Create a bonus system by dividing the salary into a fixed and a bonus part. Hoping for large incomes, employees will better fulfill the tasks assigned to them. Set feasible conditions and increase bonuses.

Arrange competitions among employees. This will spur their performance. 

For example, FreshBooks company introduced virtual badges for employees, which were issued not only for solving important tasks, but also for such merits as early arrival to work (“early bird”), creation of an article for a corporate blog (“Hemingway”). At the end of the month, the results were summed up and the winners received prizes.   

Confirm significance. If the employee has lost interest in the job, find out what is the reason. Recall that the tasks assigned to him are an integral part of the overall result. Show him how important he is to the company as a whole. 

Encourage development. Moving forward is an everyday desire of most of us. When work only helps personal growth, it is a good thing for both the company and the employee. Create a professional library and let you read books. Let employees go to specialized seminars, training, and conferences. Organize events within the company where employees share knowledge and experience.

Staff development

One of the serious problems that entrepreneurs regularly face is the lack of qualified employees. There are two ways to get out of this situation: outbid employees from competitors or educate and train them yourself. Training and "nurturing" employees will create professionals who are loyal to the company. Improve the skills of your employees. New knowledge will help generate new ideas and keep up with progress. One method is a continuing education system. 

For example, every year SPLAT conducts more and more training aimed not only at useful skills for work but also focused on the personal growth of employees.

Error handling

Work on bugs in meetings and planning meetings. This will help teach employees how to solve problems that arise during work, analyze their actions, evaluate the consequences and eliminate errors in time. In addition, the most common mistakes can be made to the content of internal pieces of training, thereby predicting their repetition by different employees.

Employee monitoring

Trust but verify. Supervise the work of employees. Evaluate the completeness of the work performed, and you will be able to identify in the early stages a decrease in motivation among the team. This is especially important when employees directly interact with customers, providing them services or selling goods. 

Checking the quality of work of employees can be carried out by the company, but such inspections are not always objective. In recent years, it has been popular to evaluate staff performance using the "mystery shopper" method. Hired people come to buy a product or service according to a pre-prepared scenario, after which they provide a report on the quality of the service. The method allows you to determine how employees of the company comply with corporate standards of service, what it is necessary to train staff, identify weaknesses in the methodology of attracting customers.

Secret checks are ordered from marketing agencies or hire secret customers on their own. Another possibility is to use web technology to search for mystery shoppers. Full automation of the mystery shopper method makes the system simpler and more transparent. You can directly contact performers by selecting them based on rating. This eliminates the intermediary, which leads to a more operational interaction.

To summarize

Improving the efficiency of employees is not an easy task, but feasible. Paying attention to motivation, employee development, and control, you can take the business to a new level, increase profits and unite the dream team. 

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